irving seems like a full business man and i wouldn't want to cross him because of all the shit he's sent towards people who get in his way, but do you think with his family and with harry he's nice and welcoming?

    I heard Iriving is really nice, just not to to the people who get in his way… So i’m sure he is kind to Harry

  1. What the internet has really done is it’s taught generations of people now to believe if it comes on that machine it should be free,” Azoff says in disgust. He tells me that he once checked the iTunes receipts for the Eagles, who are one of the top ten best-selling American recording artists in history. What he found was that in ten years on iTunes, the band had made about $700,000 from their share of however many millions of 99-cent downloads—which equaled roughly the amount the band would make in under one hour of a single arena show. Azoff ’s response was to threaten to pull the Eagles’ music off iTunes, earning him an angry phone call from Steve Jobs. “I said, ‘Steve, for eight or nine or seven, whatever number of years it was, you paid us what we made for playing forty-two minutes in Kansas City. We really don’t need your $700,000. We’ll just book another show.
  2. hazoffblog:

    twitter(.)com/flathairedhemmo/status/513448755115220992/photo/1 Jeff in the car….


    (x)  Jeff and Harry on their way to the concert.  Thank you so much for the link :))))

  3. Anonymous:
    I really hope that Jeff doesn't have the same "sense of humor" as his brother Cam... That would be dissapointing as hell

    That is a legitimate fear of mine as well

  4. [HQs] Harry out in Hollywood after the Coldplay concert on Wednesday night - 17/9

  5. pics of Harry leaving the sushi hotspot Nobu restaurant a little after 10 p.m. yesterday 18/09(+)

  6. Anonymous:
    What is Mitch Rose's connection to the Azoff family?

    He works at CAA with Jeff and is a close family friend

    Was Jeff the one driving after the coldplay concert?

    No, I’m pretty sure it was Irving 

    Ok. Thanks for explaining. :)

    No problem!

@leonardnewell: Harry Stylish 

    @leonardnewell: Harry Stylish 

  8. Anonymous:
    Did that anon ask you to delete the ask or is it you who didn't want that to be public information? Genuinely wondering...

    I deleted it for multiple reasons, it’s just best if it stayed private info

  9. LA ~ 18/9

marissag0uld: And it was a #harrystyles kind of night

    marissag0uld: And it was a #harrystyles kind of night

  11. [HQs] Harry out in Beverley Hills running errands - 18/9